Pre-registration sheets for the 2016-2017, have been sent home. In the coming school year, choice is encouraged with a law being passed in Florida to ensure that open seats can be filled based on a lottery system with those hoping to enroll at Spessard L. Holland Elementary. Therefore, is imperative to return all pre-registrations sheets to guarantee a seat for your child/children next school year.  Thank you to all who have turned in the sheets so far.  If for some reason you need another pre-registration form, call secretary Amanda Seger, at 863-648-3031, for assistance.  Please return all sheets by March 3rd. In addition, Kindergarten Registration month takes place soon during the month of April.  We have documents ready with a checklist of needed items for incoming kindergarten students.  If you have a child turning five years of age by September 1st, 2017, the child is eligible to start kindergarten with all the needed paperwork in place.  Call, stop in, or email for more information.  Feel free to email for more information.
Spessard L. Holland raises $5,600 for the United Way. Mrs. Butler and Mrs. Cress agreed to be slimmed / pie’d if we met our goal.
Top Honors at Jim Harbin Media Festival Competition sponsored by FAME Students received top honors in the following categories: First place: Documentary (grade K-2) First place: Instructional (grades K-2) First place: PSV (public service video) (grades 3-5) 3rd place: News Feature (grades K-2)