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Volunteer Background Check Fee to Remain at $25 Through End of 2018 The Polk County School Board has decided that the fee to cover volunteers’ background checks, as well as their badge and handbook, will remain $25 through the end of the calendar year. Polk County Public Schools will be using more extensive volunteer background checks as part of our security measures to protect students and staff. The district will incur an additional charge for the statewide and national background checks. However, through the end of 2018, the cost to volunteers will remain $25. We are exploring other funding sources to help offset the cost of background screening for volunteers on an ongoing basis. More information will follow. For more information on volunteering with Polk County Public Schools, please visit our website:  

New for Parent Portal 2018-2019

* A part of the new FOCUS system
* Parents will use their email address as their username
* You will still need to obtain a PIN from the school to attach a student to your account. Each parent will have a separate PIN.


Important Upcoming Dates: